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Bands that i need cds from   
07:31pm 28/09/2005
  Bullivard Drive
I Believe this knife stuck in my back belongs to you
Missing 23rd
The Sky is Orange
The Best Man
7 Years Bad Luck
Welcome the Plauge Year
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02:36pm 25/09/2005
  life is like a box of chocolates  
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12:50pm 18/09/2005
  my only true love is pain and her name is patrick L.  
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01:55am 16/09/2005
  nothing is true everything is permitted

-william s. burroughs-
04:25pm 14/09/2005
  i won't stop until im done...  
07:08pm 08/09/2005
  my band mates are awsome  
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03:33pm 02/09/2005
the 11th
white rabbit
be there
or be dead
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04:42pm 29/08/2005
  new picture  
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12:00am 09/08/2005
  my life is a goth music video  
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01:52pm 05/08/2005
  yoda sucks  
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10:23pm 01/08/2005
  i need a couple of fingernails to go with this chalkboard  
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11:55am 10/07/2005

life is like a box of chocolates
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11:39pm 06/07/2005
  i moved into anapartment

its cool

im paying for my brother and sister to stay there though
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11:31pm 02/07/2005
  dont call my house cause i wont be there...

i dont know where ill be


eh fuck it
10:19am 30/06/2005
  matt showed me his one ball last night

ive never seen it before

the winter of our discontent

even though it was very uneventful i thought it was good
the majority of it was a guy going for a walk
but if you look at from a different perspective it was more than that
while i was reading it i didnt like it
but looking back on it was better than reading it
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04:35pm 27/06/2005
  dude nicks awsome thats his tm with a circle around it.

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11:22pm 24/06/2005
  work is good im glad pat is my manager

roxanne is coming soon
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01:27pm 04/06/2005
  he he umchawmanga
thats ignorant
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11:41am 20/05/2005
  i want a rock wall in my house  
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03:45pm 18/05/2005
  The desire to belong is partly a desire to lose oneself.

- eric hoffer-
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